Music Improvisation for the Soul: A Music for People Satellite Workshop *
Music lives within and around us every moment… . Experience the flow of creating your unique music, by tuning into what is true and most sacred to your heart, and expressing it authentically through Music. You are invited to journey into the heart through improvisational music, song, and movement (optional), while delving into what each moment offers.  Come play and celebrate the Music that you are in a supportive and playful community.  Explore deep listening, body and voice warm ups to release blockages, key music-making principles, support structures, free improvisation, soloing, and ensemble work. Most activities are drawn from Music for People techniques. No experience required. Voice & instruments of all levels welcome.

Voice and Movement Improvisation from the Inside Out
Let your creative expression flow authentically through voice and movement improvisations. We explore: body wisdom; connectedness among breath, movement, vocal sound, space, feelings, others; the power of intention; key music-making principles; listening; inspiration; support , multi-layering of patterns; ensemble work; soloing; creative expression as offering. Supportive atmosphere. No experience required.

Living Your Vision: A Wholistic Approach
Explore essential spiritual and creative practices/techniques for inner and outer alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being with the Intelligence of the Universe, to reduce stress, restore wholeness, and tap into your co-creative power to live your vision. The practices and techniques will gradually guide your attention from your inner world to outer world of awareness, as a way to bridge the two, and to facilitate actualizing your vision from the inside out.

Deepen your understanding of the essential saying “spiritual truth that shall set you free” and learn practices/techniques for transforming challenges into opportunities for new expansion: throughout the session, I will weave essential points related to this topic to facilitate your ability to apply this truth to your life.

Join your voice to a community of conscious, co-creative, like-heart-minded individuals, who are committed to self- realization. This is a participatory, experiential training.

Devotional Singing
Invoke and celebrate the Universal Source of Creation through sacred song offerings –lyrics not required. Experience the transformational grace coming from letting your heart sing in reverence for Source. Sing for healing self, others, the community, peace, the planet. Improvise; offer originals or songs from various traditions — in solo or in community.

*Awarded the 2013 Music Ambassador Award from Music for People.

Please contact me regarding the upcoming schedule and locations for these workshops.

Top Photo Credit: © Julie Weber
© Painting by Josiane Naud
Side Photo credit: © Cheryl Stockton