“Meditation and music improvisation are complementary experiences that make me feel whole. Both practices open my heart-mind to the Infinite Presence of nowness and oneness awareness, where the journey and destination are one.” 

Welcome to my website.

I am excited to share with you my passion for music and meditation. Music is the language of my heart and soul. Music has been transforming me, flowing through my heart and restoring wholeness and unity.  Music starts with deep listening, both within and around… .

“Silence is my friend” according to Music for People. Meditation is the essential anchoring practice of first finding myself before I can find Music, anything or anyone. I also have a passion for sharing these life-transforming practices with people.  My offerings, whether musical or educational, begin with meditation, from which aligned action can flow.

There was a time when I did not know how to create my own music. The aspiration to create music was very strong, but I only knew how to sing others’ songs or play others’ music. At the same time, I started feeling very drawn to learn to meditate. My meditation practice helped me to develop intuition; and I also learned about dreamwork, mainly through studying Jungian psychology.  I was later led to Music for People’s music improvisation workshops, where I learned to playfully tap into my own music. My intuition then revealed “I play to remember who I am.”

After many years of noticing how others’ music makes me feel, I made a commitment that my music would serve to uplift the world. As Maya Angelou stated: “People might not always remember what you say to them, but they will always remember how you make them feel.”

With Music for People, I also discovered how much I enjoyed celebrating people’s own creativity, both individually and in heart-centered community, and became a certified teacher in music improvisation.

My path resembles that of a spiral, ever evolving simultaneously inward and outward: while my outer work was expanding, I simultaneously felt the impulse to become an interfaith minister (ordained through the One Spirit Seminary), first to deepen my inner spiritual journey. Then I progressively started to answer my heart’s true calling of being of higher service, nurturing my conscious union with Source, honoring the sacredness of all life, and contributing to others’ upliftment — whether by expressing my Soul’s music, facilitating people’s transformation through music improvisation training, guided meditation or ceremony; or simply being present with compassion and responding mindfully to what the unfolding moment brings.

I find that my intention to contribute to others’ joy brings me much joy! I enjoy serving as a gentle guide for others to find their creative and spiritual path and to make genuine connections among each other through fostering a supportive, heart-centered community; and/or through ceremony.

My purpose is to inspire joy, beauty through heart-felt creative expression, reverence for the sacredness of life, and the remembrance of our true nature and of our oneness with the Supreme Source of Life, i.e., the remembrance that “the Truth shall set us free,” through my many creations. As the sunbeams are all one with the sun, so we are all one with Source. The metaphor of the sunbeams being at one with the source of light, confirms French philosopher Pierre Teilhard De Chardin’s statement: “Everything that rises must converge.” As our conscious awareness rises and turns to the Source of All Creation, we inevitably converge into a unified, aligned, and harmonious Whole. My new CD “Sacred Union” reflects this theme symbolically. It is the first volume in my upcoming inter-Spiritual CD Series, which I recorded, mixed, and produced in my VocalMuse Recording Studio.

I am a creative Soul and Channel of Divine Light, Love and Music; committed to serving the Higher Self for the Highest Good of All and for the Glory of our Creator.

May this benefit the One and All.

With gratitude and blessings,